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Made from the forest in Moldova

Wholesale furniture manufactuer

Since 2019, Codri Furniture has been dedicated to crafting authentic, contemporary, and timeless furniture from robust solid wood. We firmly believe in the creation of durable wooden furniture that can be cherished for generations, outlasting passing trends. Our versatile designs seamlessly blend with various styles, and our strong solid wood ages gracefully over time.

At the heart of our brand lies exceptional craftsmanship, and our pieces exude simplicity with an unwavering commitment to innovation. By incorporating cutting-edge techniques into our creative processes, each new design undergoes meticulous refinement to the finest detail. Every curve, texture, and line embodies our unwavering design ethos.

Veronika's Family

Mangement Designer & Owner

Gheorghe Dragancea

Codri Modern Furniture, under the skillful ownership and operation of Gheroghe Dragancea, exemplifies the embodiment of the American dream. Gheroghe’s journey from Moldova to the United States is an inspiration. Balancing work as a truck driver to support his family while tirelessly building his furniture business, Gheroghe’s unwavering dedication and unwavering spirit are a testament to his indomitable persistence and humble nature. 

Our Name

Codri Modern Furniture utilizes only the finest materials from around the world. Our leather is sourced from Italy, stains are imported from Germany, and the wood is carefully selected from the Moldovan forest.

 Our Materials

Codri Modern Furniture meticulously crafts its pieces using only the finest materials sourced from around the globe. Our collection boasts exquisite Italian leathers, premium German stains, and carefully selected wood from the lush forests of Moldova.


Quantity Discounts

Get large quanity discounts to save on your purchase and incresase your resale margins.

Custom Orders

Work with our design team to get custom crafted orders exactly how you are envisioning. 


Our furniture is made with sustainable practices to ensure our work can continue.

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